Beekeeping Hive Frame Wiring Pack, Wiring Jig, Copper Roller & Eyelets Wire Tensioner Wire Embedder

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Beekeeping Wiring Pack includes all useful tools in one package at an affordable price.

OurPackage Include:

  • 1 PC Wiring Jig
  • 1 PC 500gm Stainless Steel Wire Roll
  • 100gm Copper Frame Eyelets
  • 1 PC Wire Tensioner
  • 1 PC Wire Embedder 
  • 1 PC Copper Roller

Stainless Steel Wire is used to combine honey frames with a piece of embossed wax foundation.

Eyelets are used in the sides of frames for the wire to pass through and prevent the wire from pulling Into the Timber. They are one of the most important parts of beekeeping.

Wire Tensioner is used to provide tension to lose frame wire.

Wire Embedder is used to fix a thin layer of basic wax into each wooden frame and push the wires into the wax.

Copper roller gear wire in the frame

Size: Show in the picture

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