Honey Gate Valve with Wing Nut Heavy Duty Nylon Bee Hive Tools

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At the end of the harvest, after the honey is extracted, safe pouring of honey into containers and bottles is very important. The problem with honey is that it has a high viscosity, so the usual valves do not work well with honey.

For pouring of honey, specially designed honey gate valves are used. These valves have a larger diameter that allows more flow and faster pouring. The heavy-duty nature of these valves makes them very long-lasting. The material of these valves is food-friendly, and to avoid any leakage they have a silicon gasket inside them.

Because of such useful nature, these valves are something every beekeeper must have in their beekeeping supplies. In this combo, there are plenty of these valves coming at a lower price than what you would have to pay for these valves individually.


  • Food grade nylon material
  • Silicon gasket

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