Beekeeping Starter Kit for Professional and Beginner Beekeeper's

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Beekeeping comprises of many processes that any beekeeper has to go through a lot of times. Many of these processes require different types of tools. Therefore, you need a lot of tools in your beekeeping supplies for doing different jobs.

In this starter kit, you are getting a pair of gloves, a wire embedder, hive tool with a wooden handle, plastic queen catcher, nylon honey gate valve, a bee brush, and a nylon cone sieve. All of these tools are very useful.

A pair of gloves keep your hands safe from bee stings. Thus, they are something every beekeeper should have in their collection. You are also getting a hive tool with a wooden grip for a firm grip that is useful for multiple purposes. Further, the wire embedder makes the wax foundation ready for the bees. Bee brush coming in the starter kit can help you take off the bees from a surface without harming them, whereas the valve and sieve are the tools that come into play at the end of the harvest.

In short, all of these tools are extremely useful. Therefore, having them in your beekeeping collection can be of a lot of help. To buy all of these useful tools, you can have this beekeeping starter kit as it has all of these tools coming at a lower price than the sum of individual prices.


  • Beekeeping cowhide gloves
  • Hive tool with wooden grip
  • Plastic wire embedder
  • Wooden bee brush
  • Nylon sieve
  • Nylon honey gat valve
  • Plastic Queen catcher

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